Two million Canadian jobs will be lost to technology in the 1990s. Jobs created by the new technology are in fields dominated by men.

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____ Men & Women and Tools – Reflections on Male Resistance to Women in Trades and Technology – Marcia Braundy’s PhD dissertation (268 p.) ($65)

____ Tapping the Community: Expanding Career Opportunities for Young Women - A GETT Camp and Role Modelling Manual ($15)

____ Options Unlimited - A Role Modelling Guide & Teachers Resource Kit. ($15) - These 2 manuals can be purchased as a unit ($25)

____ Surviving and Thriving - Women in Trades & Technology & Employment Equity - 300 pg Proceedings of Naramata Conference) ($25)

____ Covering Rough Ground by Kate Braid ($13 - Includes GST)

____ Women, Employment Equity & the Hibernia Construction Project ($15)

____ Orientation to Trades & Technology - A Curriculum Guide and Resource Book with a Special Emphasis on the Needs of Women - revised & updated 1997* (Available from the BC Queen’s Printer)

____ Equity In Apprenticeship Resource Kit (Also available from the BC Queen’s Printer) - S/H varies from $7 to $10 for US orders and $5 to $7 for Cdn orders PAPERS

____ Canadian Vocational Association Occasional Paper: Out of the Stream and Into the River - WITT Exploratory Courses in Canada ($10)

____ A review of the Equity Component of the Vancouver Island Highway Project - Hewitt-Ferris and Assoc. ($10)

____ Retention - Support Strategies for Women in Trades, Technology, Operations and Blue Collar Work - City of Toronto ($25)

____ Income Suport Issues for Women On Training - A Compendium of Views ($20)

____ Guidelines on Counselling Girls and Women by Valerie G. Ward ($5)

____ WITT Graduates Survey - Marcia Braundy & Patti Schom-Moffatt (limited copies available) ($20)

____ Remarks to the Canadian Construction Association - March 1994 - M.Braundy ($10)

____ National Standards and Program Development Guidelines for WITT Exploratory Courses ($10)

____ Employment Equity, Women’s Needs and the Implications for the Columbia Basin Trust - A Discussion Paper by Marcia Braundy ($10)

____ Women In Techncial Fields in Atlantic Canada - Exec Summary - Brenda Grzetic et al


____What Happens to Women in Tradesland - 16 min Slide/Tape or DVD with Discussion Guide ($225)

____ Preview Only ($75)

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____ Lets Go To The Shop - 50 min - VHS ($100)

____ Preview Only ($40)

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