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Expanding Career Options for Young Women

GETT Camp and Role Modeling Manual


GETT: Girls Exploring Trades and Technology

Kootenay WITT

In 1995, Kootenay WITT initiated a two part project in the West Kootenays: first providing women in trades, technology and science occupations as role models to local schools, and then running three Girls Exploring Trades and Technology Camps (GETT) at Selkirk College in Nelson.

Many links were mad between role models an teachers, WITT women and employers, and college and WITT group. Students throughout our region have more information on women in under-represented occupations: women who work as carpenters, heavy equipment operators, painters, foresters, ambulance attendants, horticulturists, surveyors, mechanics, electricians, engineers, back-country rangers, welders and more. And at this very moment, there are 32 girls in flashy go-karts wheeling around small and large communities across the West Kootenays...

Table of Contents
The Need to Expand Career Ideas through Role Models
Community Involvement: Support and Funding
Determining Your Budget

The Projects
Role Models into Schools
Approaching Schools
Using a Role Model Guide

Girls Exploring Trade and Technology Camp
Camp Format And Main Components - Advisory Committee, Staffing: Camp Instructor(s), Shop Requirements, Promotion, Registration
Fund Raising
GETT Camp Curriculum: A Sample Curriculum, Role Models at GETT Camp, Supervision and Safety, Assistants and Volunteers, Tours
The Shop Portion
Other Interesting Things we Learned
A Work Plan and Timetable for Projects
A Donation List
The Instructions for Go-kart
Sample Forms and Press Release

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